Jul 25, 2008

Amulya...The History behind the Name.....

Call me an Idiot or a Possessed freak but I am absolutely Obsessed with my name and have been like that since i became aware of the World around me. I am ever Grateful to my Father who fought against any odds to give me this lovely name. But there is a tiny story behind that as to why he was as obsessed to name me Amulya.

During my Dad's medical school days, (oops! trying to whoo my Mom days..:-D) he had a friend who was also his junior. Satyam (Satti gada as they call him) Uncle was like how Lord Anjaneya was to Lord Rama...He helped dad in all ups and downs during that time and actually helped Dad gain a great impression near my Granddad when dad went to seek Mom's hand from Tatayya and Ammamma..(aaah So Romantic...)

My Parents are ever indebted to Satyam uncle as he was in more ways than one responsible to get them together. And my Dad and Uncle had this "Ye Dosti...Hum Nahi Todenge..." concept lingering along with them and soon as Satyam uncle got married to Mom's Fav junior Shashi Aunty, they had a pact. That they would name their kids the exact same names...They planned names for a Boy which would be Sandeep and the Girl's would be Amulya..:-)...(now how thay came up with these names is a total different story...and I dont want to bore you guys...)

As as time passed Satyam uncle went of to do his residency in the US and Mom became pregnant in due time with my Brother. She had some complications during her delivery and my Tatayya(Mom's Dad) who was in Ayyappa Deeksha at the time prayed to lord Ayyappa that he would name the child after the lord if all went well. So Anna came into the world and before Dad could put foward his objections regarding the Name of the boy, My Brother was named Swami Prasad...after the allmight Ayyappa...(Swami Saranam)

Dad was disappointed but he was likewise happy that mom had a rather smooth delivery...Satyam uncle was conveyed the news of how the pact didnot fall into place. Both dissappointed now strongly decided to name the next child as per the pact. and Lo Behold both Mom and Shashi Aunty had baby girls at the same time...In the Gade household it was cute ever-smiling Angel( Me... Of Course...) and Dad who always wanted a baby doll of his own was simply estatic...and on top of the world. Now the same thing happened in the Satyam Uncles household.

But it was decision time and the babies had to be named and uncle immediately got the name registered as Amulya. But dad again was in dilemma because tatayya as usual offered Goddess Durga to name me after her...For 2 days he tossed and tumpled as to what to do. And then on the 3rd day...he made the decision... whatever happens he is going to name his sweet angel as he decided. He told mom his decision and proceeded down the hall to inform Grandad of the decision.

Tatayya already started calling this baby girl RAJARAJESWARI....named after the Goddess. Dad was worried that it might effect the harmony of their relationship. But Gods only knows what made him decide to go against all odds. He did and he told tatayya that he was sorry that he cannot name the kid as the grandparents desired. He never told tata about the pact but just told that he had this name in mind from a long time and he wanted to name the girl that.

The best part was tatayya never once objected to what Dad said and gave his full consent to what I was being named as. So hence I was Named Amulya....I can never thank dad enough for naming me with this name because it is truly an unique name with a great meaning and for long time was the only one in school and college to have that name.

By the way Amulya means "Priceless" or "Most Valuable"....
Truly a lovely name... Dont you all think so...

This one is for the greatest man I have known so far in life.....
"Nana...eppudu chepanu ledo teliyadu kani...Thank You Nana...Naa Identity ye naa Peru and inta manchi peru ichina meeku naa krutagynatalu ela chepalo teliyatamledu...but I owe this to you forever...Love you Nana...and Thank You so Much..."

My next Post is how my name got shortened to Amu, the name I am usually refered with and like to be refered as.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my background.
See you next then...Until Next Time...
Take Care..:-)


Sree said...

I sure did :)

Amu... said...

Thanks Sree...:-)

Rajani said...

yes you do have a lovely name and a beautiful story to go with it.

Amu... said...

Thank You Rajani...:-)

Prathyusha said...

Amulya, I know you as a skilled chef and as person with great self esteem. Other than that, you remained unknown for me. Wish to know more about you through your blog.Regarding the post,I thought I'm the only one obsessed about my name. Good to know that I'm not alone

♥Ãмừℓỹẵ ҜїřãÑ♥ said...

Hi Amulya,

This is Amulya...yeah..we share the same name..I was trying to Google for a pineapple pastry and came across your blog Amu's crazy world, and then I saw your other blog, Amu's thoughts and read this post.
I did see that I am just like you, so obsessed with my name as it is very unique and was the only one in school and college. I can not thank my parents enough for giving me that unique identification. Of course, in school days friends called me with different names like Amulspray, amul dabba, etc. But it was always fun.
I just wanted to share this with you after reading your blog. And this is the first time I am writing a comment to a blog post, though I read many blogs daily.
It is nice knowing about you Amu..