Nov 4, 2008

A Token of Appreciation...

Deepthi of My Memoirs has passed on this Butterfly Award to me. This Award is given to by Fellow-Bloggers who consider other blogs/sites as some of the Coolest they have come across. Thanks Deeps(as we call her) for passing this to me and thinking that my Blog is worthy of it. This surely has boosted my spirits up.

The Rules of the award are:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours and leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

I would to pass this on to Keerthi, Swathi, Jaya, Ramya, Swetha, Sree and Usha.

I have also received this Award here...

I have been away from the blogging world for a long time now. Several reasons and I dont want to get into depth as to why and this award has surely come my way to cheer me up.

Thank You Deeps once again.
See you Soon...Amu :-)

Nov 3, 2008

20 Question Tag...

Or is it called the Love Tag as some of friends have labelled it.

Anyways, Swathi of Blogdyam has tagged me to write a little about myself in the 20 Questions framed.

Some Rules:
*RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
*RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people.

So here are my answers...
1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
I would hate myself for loosing the Best Thing that ever happened to me, cry and be broken-hearted for a while...and then being true to my nature, I will get up and erase the past as it never was existant and will move on....

2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
My dream has always and will always be - Me being recognised as a hardworking, focussed and successful person and not deemed as a failure in life.

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
The A' Holes who speak S**t about me behind my back without knowing me or my character.

4. Why do you blog?
*To share some of my thoughts, my experiences and my relationships.
*Sometimes as a way out of some things troubling me.
*Making friends and getting to know new people.

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
I did and at that time had no guts to tell him because of the fear of losing him.
He eventually found out and I kicked myself for it because Friends are the people we share and tell everything - Right? He is still my Bestest Friend and I simply Adore Him. I still dont know whether it was love or pure gratitude I felt for this person who was THERE for me every moment I needed a shoulder to lean on. He is and will always be the Second BEST Thing that ever happened to me. Thanks Prabs! You know I Love You, right?

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
Love can be two sided or sometimes be unrequitted(one-side love). It is a great feeling you experience for that one special person and will make you do things you never would have imagined that you could. Having this sort of dedication from another person is truly magical and hence Being Loved by Someone without expecting anything in return is a greater blessing. I am truly BLESSED.

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
Forever...If that person is worth the wait. I did wait and Life has never been better.

8. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?
Equality and Integrity among Mankind.

9. What takes you down the fastest?
The fear of being a Failure in the eyes of my loved ones.

10. What resurrects you the fastest?
These days the pillar of my Strength - My Hubby and his unperturbed devotion and belief in what I am and whatever I do.

11. What’s your strength?
My Optimism - the Spirit of standing back UPRIGHT and facing/fighting the World with full determination however bad or worse the situations that face me are.

12. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Swati : Never met her in person but would love to in future. Our worlds and thoughts are different but I have High Regard for her from the time I have gotten to know her. She according to me is a loving, caring and sensitive person who is obsessively dedicated to her loved ones(her parents and her husband), family and friends. She is passionate and devoted to the core for things she believes in. Check her Community Mrs. Telugu Inti Adapadachulu in Orkut and you will know what I am talkng about.

13. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
To be loved and content always Rich or Poor.

14. Whats the purpose of such Tags?
Having fun while sharing things about yourself to others.

15. Would you give all in a relationship?
I did in the past and I will always give in whatever I can for the relationships that matter to me most but never at the cost of my integrity and self-respect.

16. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he/she has done?
Yes. Done that many many times.

17. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
Whats Life without association. Relationships are a must for me. I am Human not a Yogi!!!!

18. Whats your Mantra to Living Life happily?
"Live Life King Size and Enjoy each moment as though it is your Best Moment in a Long time..."

19. What’s your fear?
Death of my most loved ones. Cant imagine a life without them.

20. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Turn over and open my eyes so that the first thing I see is my Husbands Face and then my Baba's Photoframe kept on the bedside table beside his side of the bed.

There...its done and dusted....pheeew I really had to think a lot to answer them....

I dont know many bloggers as such and who ever I know have already been tagged. So readers of my Blog and Fellow bloggers interested to take up the tag may please do so.

Many Thanks to Swathi for tagging me and I hope that you like my answers. I have had fun writing this...and hope you have while reading this.

Hoping that all readers of this blog have had another insight into my thoughts and have enjoyed reading this post.
Ok then...See you soon...Loads of Love...Amu :-)

Sep 19, 2008

To Hell and Back in 2 Weeks...

I have lately been very inactive in the Blogsphere because of several unforseen and unwanted events happening that have totally turned my world upside down...

First some shocking discovries about my health, then complications I will have if I get pregnant. The whole of last week was spent on getting tests done for both of us to look for remedial measures...There is some hope and we were happy to take the risk

This week started of eventfully with me getting a Job that I have always wanted...I thought one of my dreams have come true...But it seems that My Fate does not want me relaxing in any way...So IT(fate) decided to create issues...It started of with the Working Rights I currently hold on my Current Visa...and this scenario escalated to greater issues that I could not even have nightmares about...

After all the hardwork I underwent these 4 years to settle in Australia and sacrifices I have made to get my Permanent Residency here seemed of to be of no significance...Twice before on the same soil I was rejected to be given a PR...but I took up the fight as a brave warrior and worked hard in order to qualify...and I did qulaify and applied for PR...But it seems thats not enough for MY FATE...It wants me to undergo more and more stress... Last four days I was running around Pillar to Post like a Madwoman trying to sort these issues...and guess what Immigration Department suddenly decided to change rules and regulations right under our noses without informing the consequences....and worst of all they decide to change rules for only people like me who apply under a specific Subclass for High Skilled Migration(very less number of applications under this category)....Imagine my shock when I was told that I might have problems of getting my Residency Application cancelled...

I have seen Hell last 2 weeks and would not wish such a state to not even my enemies..and the result i got in taking that amount of stress and strain...LOST my Dream Job because of the complications and screwed up Work rights now set by Immigration Department...WOW...what better can happen to me....Why me Always...This is an ongoing thing in my life...I get things but never to stay with me...Happiness is always momemtary...Everytime I have to prove myself...Everytime...All my Life...What more can I do...Is 4 years of hardwork not enough...I am already sick...I have so many health complications because of the hard labour I have been doing....Studying fulltime, working and running a Family...

Right now I am devastated...and feel like I am almost dead...I will be back to normal...I hope..because God has certainly given me that strength and optimism to come out of any situation with a Straight Face...But right now...I am a little Lost...and depressed...and frustrated...

Wanted to come out with the frustration...hence the post...Not to potray my sad state of affairs....
Thanks for understanding....Amu

Sep 18, 2008

Donate for a Heart Campaign..

A Dear Friend, Srivalli of Cooking 4 all seasons is organizing a fund raiser to help Lakshmi, who is suffering from Coronary Heart Disease. It is sad to know about Lakshmi who is 28 years old, mother of two, fighting for life. If we can help even in a small way, it may save a life and along with it, life of those two small kids.

So please please do whatever you can for this humble cause. Please head on to Srivalli’s blog and check out the details.

The fundraiser will be on till September 15, 2008. You spread the word to other blogs by adding on the Chipin Meter thats on the right of my Blog to your respective blogs by just pressing the "Copy" button in the Chipin Meter itself....

Please...Please take up on this cause and do as much as you can....It will be of Great Help....

Aug 20, 2008

An Award...

Ramya of Ramya n Rithviks passed on this "Brilliant WebBlog Prize".

Thank you Ramya so much for this....I am very Humbled that you think that the content on this Blog is Good....This gesture of yours is very much appreciated...:-)

Brilliant Weblog is a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogsphere. Here are the rules to follow:
  • When you recieve the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back.
  • Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Brilliant Weblog’.
  • Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional).

I have already received it from another Friend here...

Now would love to pass this on to Deepthi, Jaya, Keerthi, Srivalli, Shilpa, Rajani and Rosie and Maria.

Thank You Ramya Once again...This is very encouraging to keep me going...

Loads of Love...Amu :-)

Aug 15, 2008

Mera Bharat Mahan....

Happy 61st Independence Day to all readers of this Blog...
want to write more but have been busy from morning because of Varalakshmi Pooja...and Friends visiting will update soon...
until then...Have a Lovely Day..
Loads of Love...Amu :-)

Aug 13, 2008

Soul Mate...

I’ve been tagged by Usha and Swathi to post about changes that happened in my life because of my Beloved Husband…

The Tag Rules: Write about the changes that have happened in your life, at least five, because of your significant other. Then Tag five others. If they don’t have a significant other, then any one person, who has caused the change. Please don’t leave the tag alone in the wild.

I have been a Romantic to the core in my Life so far. I as a teenager always dreamt of that "Knight in Shining Armour" sort of guy in a more Mordern Sense...Blue Jeans, White Shirt with Goggles - Tall, Handsome and with Rugged Manly looks (More influenced with this image probably because I was a Mills&Boon addict as a teenager...)..But as I grew up these thoughts took a back seat in my mind...but I was aspiring for greater heights in both education and career-wise and thankfully my parents never objected to these aspirations. They always assumed that being the Romantic I am...that I would easily fall in love and they didnot have to worry about searching a Groom for me....but to their suprise, many other things like Career, Social Service etc became more important factors to me than finding the Guy I have to spend the rest of my Life with...

So they no other choice but start the hunt for the right guy and I could not refuse them...But never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would actually fall madly in love with the guy they chose for me..It seems Life has always had different plans for me than the ones I Map out for myself...This is one I will NEVER EVER regret about...I will tell why soon...

I got married when I was 24 and Bhanu was 29 and at that age it is generally considered that girls and boys are mature enough to not let trivial matters effect their relations...whether it is true or not I dont know but for us it worked in our favour...we understood each other better than anybody else probably whenever there were oppurtunities for small misunderstandings erupting, we knew where the cut-off line was and managed things in ways that would not effect our relation and before long I realised that my life could never have been complete without him... or cant even imagine a life without him....He is the true definition of a Soul Mate to me...

Now coming to the FIVE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES my husband got in me...By the way there are infinite number of changes in me because of him...but here goes the most significant ones...

NEVER HAVE EXPECTATIONS...His Belief is...Do what you can if someone asks anything of you or from you...but dont ever expect anything in return from them..If we have the means, resources and the capability we will do whatever we can...If we cant we can politely refuse but even if there is a slightest chance that we can do that then we will do...but whatever happens Never Ever expect something in return from the person/s...not even a Thank You...This belief has relieved me of my many mental agitations now...I do what I can and how I home,at work and everwhere else...When I cant I tell I cant and life has been so smooth because of that...

GIVE YOUR BEST SHOT AT EVERYTHING...I have always been a hardworking girl but when I dont get the result I anticipated then I loose hopes and consider myself a failure...Though I revive myself and get back on track and work on different agendas...I would still have that lingering thought in the back of my mind that I had failures..But he has completely changed my mindset on this attitude of mine..He always motivates me to work my hardest and put in all my effort for the thing I am working for and reminds me of the knowledge I gain in the process and get the job done and forget about results. And because of this even though there is a negative result, I really dont get much fluttered because as far as I am considered it is a positive result for me as I have gained his Strength, Support and some workeable knowledge even from a failed project...But this positive attitude towards things gave me more Successes than Failures...:-)

DISASSOCIATE YOURSELF FROM UNPLEASANT THINGS...I used to get Depressed, Frustrated and Angry very very easily if things dont happen the way I Plan...I am an Organised Freak(Everything should be Neat, Clean in the way I keep or want to be seen or get done)..But over the past couple of years, this mentality of mine has changed a lot...Frustration and Depression are out of my dictionary..I am still working on reducing my Anger...though I am 1000 times better than I was 4 years back...I have learnt a technique from him wherein in scenarios where I would get angry..I remember some funny incident and forget the whole frustration part...and I laugh out loudly and get about doing the job happily which if I was my old self, I would have normally done in frustation, cussing and cursing everyone around.

DONT LET OTHERS GET TO YOU...Earlier I used to have a have a habit of brooding over issues I had with other people...I used to worry a lot about what impression other people had about me and my actions...and most of my waking hours would be spent thinking Oh maybe I can do that to impress them and do this to get a good name...But Thank GOD because of him, this disease has totally gone out of me...Now I really dont bother about how people think of me or perceive me to be...Nowadays I dont care about what impression I created...I do what is expected of me and just move on with life as though there is much attached to that issue. Nothing or Nobody talking bad about me can ever Flutter me...because I know the circumstances and hardship I took from myside to perform that particular task...

(This is very important to me because many of my friends and family members looked down on me when I started pursuing the Chef Course for our settlement...but developing Apathy about what people thought about me helped me to put in a lot hardwork and dedication towards my goal not forgetting the enomorous Support I received from Bhanu helped me get through with no distractions of any sorts.)

DONT BE HASTY and IMPULSIVE...This one quality I know was wrong in me from a long time and have always wanted to change it....but never succeeded in doing so...If I have a Urge to do buy something I will...and forget the consequences cost and need etc...This nature of me actually back bitted me many times especially when it dealth with other people...I was too Frank and Transperant about my opinions and feelings about a person If I had issues with them...sometimes it lead to severing a very good relation I had with that person...But now I have learnt to control my emotions and think coolly before I Act on any issue...This has saved so many unneccessary unpleasant confrontations I would have had if not for the change in me... and ultimatley my changed nature has earned me back the friends I have long lost

The most important thing that has changed forever because of him is MY WHOLE PERSONA...I would not say this is a Change in my attitude or behaviour but I rather consider this as my Personality Change now...It is "Believe and Trust in Yourself....and the Sky is the Limit.." style of thinking...This personality change has brought wonders along...I never thought I can achieve anything because of the Negative Attitude I had lurking in me...But this personality change has made all my Achievements possible...and imbibed in me pure determination, dedication, a sense of responsibilityand finally a pride of achievement.

These Changes and Achievements I attribute every single of minute molecule of it to my My Soul Mate and Life Partner - MY HUSBAND...I truly love him for whatever he is and what he is done for me so far...changing my Persona and way of thinking has made me a Much Happier and Contended Person. I now have the belief that whatever hurdles and obstacles that come ur way we would be able to smoothly glide over them.

This is an ODE for the person I love with all my Heart...and has changed me for the better forever...

"To My Husband...Nanu...(As I call Him)

For all the thoughtful things you've done, to make our home a happy one that's filled with laughter,warmth and fun...I Love You....

For your sweet and understanding way, for the wonderful things you do and say. to bring joy into my life each day....I Love You...

Yes, for making all my Dreams come true, day in and day out - the whole year through and because I know You Love Me....I Love You....

For Loving me the way I am....I Love YOU and You are MY WORLD...

Forever...Your Wife...Amu"

This Tag has been an insight into my soul for me as much as much it would be to the readers of my Blog...and I heartfully thank Swathi and Usha for tagging me with this...An introspection of my Soul helped me to realise how many Changes for the Better, My Husband has instigated in me and How Much I Love My SOULMATE....MY HUSBAND...

I am not a great Blogger...nor know many Blogging Greats from the limited Bloggers I visit...I wanted to tag Swetha and Poornima...who are both my very Good Friends and a Great Inspiration to me.

Thank You all for reading through a rather lengthy post....

So until next time...Keep Smiling Always...:-)

Jul 25, 2008

Amulya...The History behind the Name.....

Call me an Idiot or a Possessed freak but I am absolutely Obsessed with my name and have been like that since i became aware of the World around me. I am ever Grateful to my Father who fought against any odds to give me this lovely name. But there is a tiny story behind that as to why he was as obsessed to name me Amulya.

During my Dad's medical school days, (oops! trying to whoo my Mom days..:-D) he had a friend who was also his junior. Satyam (Satti gada as they call him) Uncle was like how Lord Anjaneya was to Lord Rama...He helped dad in all ups and downs during that time and actually helped Dad gain a great impression near my Granddad when dad went to seek Mom's hand from Tatayya and Ammamma..(aaah So Romantic...)

My Parents are ever indebted to Satyam uncle as he was in more ways than one responsible to get them together. And my Dad and Uncle had this "Ye Dosti...Hum Nahi Todenge..." concept lingering along with them and soon as Satyam uncle got married to Mom's Fav junior Shashi Aunty, they had a pact. That they would name their kids the exact same names...They planned names for a Boy which would be Sandeep and the Girl's would be Amulya..:-)...(now how thay came up with these names is a total different story...and I dont want to bore you guys...)

As as time passed Satyam uncle went of to do his residency in the US and Mom became pregnant in due time with my Brother. She had some complications during her delivery and my Tatayya(Mom's Dad) who was in Ayyappa Deeksha at the time prayed to lord Ayyappa that he would name the child after the lord if all went well. So Anna came into the world and before Dad could put foward his objections regarding the Name of the boy, My Brother was named Swami Prasad...after the allmight Ayyappa...(Swami Saranam)

Dad was disappointed but he was likewise happy that mom had a rather smooth delivery...Satyam uncle was conveyed the news of how the pact didnot fall into place. Both dissappointed now strongly decided to name the next child as per the pact. and Lo Behold both Mom and Shashi Aunty had baby girls at the same time...In the Gade household it was cute ever-smiling Angel( Me... Of Course...) and Dad who always wanted a baby doll of his own was simply estatic...and on top of the world. Now the same thing happened in the Satyam Uncles household.

But it was decision time and the babies had to be named and uncle immediately got the name registered as Amulya. But dad again was in dilemma because tatayya as usual offered Goddess Durga to name me after her...For 2 days he tossed and tumpled as to what to do. And then on the 3rd day...he made the decision... whatever happens he is going to name his sweet angel as he decided. He told mom his decision and proceeded down the hall to inform Grandad of the decision.

Tatayya already started calling this baby girl RAJARAJESWARI....named after the Goddess. Dad was worried that it might effect the harmony of their relationship. But Gods only knows what made him decide to go against all odds. He did and he told tatayya that he was sorry that he cannot name the kid as the grandparents desired. He never told tata about the pact but just told that he had this name in mind from a long time and he wanted to name the girl that.

The best part was tatayya never once objected to what Dad said and gave his full consent to what I was being named as. So hence I was Named Amulya....I can never thank dad enough for naming me with this name because it is truly an unique name with a great meaning and for long time was the only one in school and college to have that name.

By the way Amulya means "Priceless" or "Most Valuable"....
Truly a lovely name... Dont you all think so...

This one is for the greatest man I have known so far in life.....
"Nana...eppudu chepanu ledo teliyadu kani...Thank You Nana...Naa Identity ye naa Peru and inta manchi peru ichina meeku naa krutagynatalu ela chepalo teliyatamledu...but I owe this to you forever...Love you Nana...and Thank You so Much..."

My next Post is how my name got shortened to Amu, the name I am usually refered with and like to be refered as.

Hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my background.
See you next then...Until Next Time...
Take Care..:-)

Jul 24, 2008

Sometimes We need to be Reminded....

My First Post and I decided to post an Inspirational Story I heard from a very good teacher of mine while I was in Business School on how important it is to keep ourselves motivated and to remind ourselves the importance of valuing ourselves and our opinions and relationships we share with people....

Heres is the Story...

A Well-known speaker started off his Seminar by holding up a $20.00 dollar bill. In the room filled with 200 people, he asked, " Who would like this $20bill?". Hands started going up. Then the speaker said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this". He then proceeded to crumple up the $20 dollar bill. He then asked his audience, "Who still wants it?" Still hands were up in the air. "Well", he replied, " What if I do this?" and he dropped the bill on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked the bill up, now completely crumpled and dirty and said, "Now, who wants this still?". Still hand went up into the air.

He then said, "My Friends, today we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you all still wanted it because it didnot decrease in value. It is still worth the same $20.00. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled and ground into dirt by the decisions we make and the different circumstances that come our way. We feel as though we are hopeless and worthless and dont have the right to live in this world. But no matter what happens of what will happen. you will never lose your value because Dirty or Clean, Crumpled or Finely Creased, you are still PRICELESS to those who DO LOVE YOU...The worth of our lives comes not in what we do or who we know but by WHO WE ARE and WHOSE WE ARE."

"So Friends, Don't Forget that You are Special....Don't Ever forget it....".
Please read this story and narrate to as many people as possible because you may never know the lives it touches, the hurting hearts it may heal or the hope that it can bring.

This story inspires me to always
and in this way I was able to tackle any obstacles that faced me during the past few years with a very Happy Smile on my face. Because I knew that no matter what, the people who loved me all my life will continue to do so even though I have not reached Great Heights....

And Always remember to have Faith and Hope because "If God brings you to it... He will Bring you THROUGH it..."

Hope you liked this Inspirational Story...:-)
Thank You....

Image Source: Google Images.